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Do you have the right Facebook audience?

The capacity to specifically target your viewers is one of the main advantages social ads have over other kinds of advertising. Contacting individuals to be fascinated by your brand can be done with the help of practical Facebook ads marketing. Developed targeting options allow you to reach potential customers who have already demonstrated a willingness to buy and are likely to be keen on a particular product.

This enables you to increase conversion rates while maintaining your current ad budget. Additionally, demonstrate the Facebook marketing company that doesn’t value a higher ROI!

What is the process for Facebook ad marketing?

You can narrow down the population that will see your advertisements using Facebook ad targeting. It can increase the success of your campaigns, but it will also impact the price of your advertisements (to put it simply, it costs more to reach a larger audience than a smaller one).

Three categories of target audiences are used in Facebook’s ad targeting:

  • Targeting core audiences based on their characteristics, habits, and location.
  • Custom audiences let you get in touch with customers already interacting with your company.
  • Using lookalike audiences, you can target individuals who resemble your most profitable clients but may not know your company.

How can you get the targeted audience for your advertisements?

Use Facebook users’ most recent purchasing patterns to your advantage.

Advertising analysts criticized Facebook marketing company early on for being a social network with little potential for business or for gaining consumer insight. This situation changed early in 2013 when Facebook marketing company partnered with data brokers like Epsilon, Acxiom, and Datalogix.

Each year, these businesses have possession of trillions of data transactions. Executives from Acxiom have claimed that the firm’s database alone has data on 500 million active customers worldwide, with roughly 1,500 records per individual.

As a result, advertisers could access insights gleaned from various shopper loyalty programs and match them to specific user profiles. There are many subcategories of purchasing behaviour, such as purchaser Profiles, Fashion, Food & Drink, Healthcare & Beauty, and many more.

You can hone in on specific types of behaviour within each broad subcategory; for instance, selecting Buyer Profiles will allow you to focus on Foodies, Fashionistas and DIYers. 

Facebook displays the number of user profiles you can reach in every subcategory based on consolidated, multi-sourced person transaction-based data (or, in a nutshell, the number of individuals who use Facebook in that category they’ve matched to offline buying data).

Targeting life events can be done in inventive ways.

Selling to people going through specific significant life events is the foundation of certain business or marketing strategies. For instance, funeral homes naturally want to link with individuals who are arranging a memorial service, are terminally ill, or grieving the loss of a loved one. If you recently bought a new home or apartment, moving firms want to get in the way of you. Engagement is a common target for wedding photographers.

The Life Events variable is special in allowing you to select which individuals to target at particular time intervals after the change. For instance, a jewellery company would be interested in reaching recently married individuals to target audience members celebrating their first anniversary. Three possible time frames are three months, six months, and a year.

Utilize Facebook custom audiences to cultivate leads and increase loyalty.

With the help of  Facebook ads marketing an advanced feature, you can communicate on Facebook with your current contacts. Being visible to the current users of your app and customers on their preferred social network not only strengthens your brand but also provides you with the chance to boost lifelong value to customers, order rate, and loyalty.

It can be done the other way around; by excluding your current clientele list, you can improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and reduce unnecessary clicks. There is no reason to display a trial period for free to your devoted customers if you give one to new users.

You could send invitations to a product demo to people who visited your business’s blog. They already know who you are and were curious enough to see you, but they did not become followers. Close the gap with Facebook ads that target that Custom Audience.

How many different demographic data points you can combine and the target is astounding. The information includes your net worth, living situation, relationship status, parental status, and desires.

Increase your target market’s similarity.

Once you have a solid Custom Audiences campaign, moving to Lookalike Audiences is a logical next step. You can replicate your Facebook audience even without a phone or email list. By building audiences that resemble your target demographics, lookalikes enable you to reach beyond your current boundaries while continuing to target people who fit very specific profile requirements.

If you don’t have a list or a sizable Facebook popularity, you can still develop a Lookalike Public by mirroring a Website Custom public with a tracking pixel.

With layered targeting options, get incredibly specific.

Facebook ads are effective because you can stack choices for targeting on top of each other to narrow your audience over time. The effect of hyper-targeting was demonstrated in a severe (and hilarious) way last year when a marketing expert focused on his fellow student with ads so targeted that the poor guy believed he was being cyberbullied.

Yes, you can narrow your audience to just one person using a combination of actions, statistics, and geographic location data. However, the capacity to match ad creatives and offers to fewer individuals produced using combinations of data is significantly more helpful for you.


You don’t have to choose just one of the suggestions above when developing your Facebook ads marketing strategy; instead, consider them all and see how they could be relevant to your various segments of the target market. Finding out exactly who you’re trying to reach will help you choose the best Facebook ads marketing methods and alternatives to reach them.



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